Top 10 Advantages of Using Corrosion Inhibitors

Published: 02nd February 2011
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If vehicles play a big part in your business, corrosion inhibitors could be a vital investment. Here are 10 ways that they can help.

1. Radiator water, break fluids and screen wash all come into contact with metal parts from time to time, so using these chemicals could help reduce corrosion.

2. Even lubricants, engine oil and gearbox oil could rust the metal parts they are designed to help without corrosion inhibitors being added.

3. As well as being used in vehicles, fuel also needs to be stored at the refinery in large tanks and delivered to the garages. During that process, it's likely to come into contact with many metals, so the chemicals ensure rusting doesn't occur at any stage.

4. It's not just cars and lorries that use the additives. Many domestic lubricant products, used to help rusted scissors, bike chains and garden equipment, will use them to avoid rust.

5. As rust can effect water and fuel, corrosion inhibitors play an important role in making sure tanks do not corrode.

6. Pipes are also vulnerable to corrosion when fluids pass through them, so chemicals may be helping to avoid damage and repairs.

7. The construction industry also benefits from anti-corrosion treatments, as the metal they use is often exposed to wet weather that can make it rust.

8. Water systems will also use the additive, as it will help avoid contaminated water.

9. Paints that are used on metal surfaces, such as cars, gates, bridges and park railings all require anti-corrosion treatments to avoid rust.

10.Corrosion inhibitors can also help to keep boilers working through the winter months as they actively reduce the risk of blockages.

Corrosion inhibitors, like many other liquid and diesel additives, play a vital role in many industry, not least of all those that involve vehicles.

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